Wednesday Keynote 1 – ‘Keys to the ABI Cage: a new way to understand and talk about brain injury to help people help themselves’, Dr. Christine Durham, Talk About Change, Bundoora, Australia.

Wednesday Keynote 2 – Head Injuries in Children, the Concussion Research Project Team at CHEO, M. Vassilyadi, MD, Team Leader, Ottawa

Wednesday Keynote 3 – From Grave to Cradle to Now – A tale of miracles, discoveries, horror, laughter and love by the father of a traumatically brain injured son. His discoveries include using the blood harmony of the collaterally damaged family as a lifesaving instrument, healing patient and family. From his book by the same name from Marrette Publishing. Ian McCallum – Toronto

Wednesday Dîner – Luncheon Speakers, Shred 4 A Cause Canada Tour 2012, Mike Harris and Jeff Abbott

Friday Luncheon Speaker and Wrapup- Dîner et retour sur la conference: Kirsty Duncan, MP for Etobicoke North, Ontario